Friday, 25 May 2018

What Is Mass Media?

Think about this for a second: whenever you want to hear your favorite song, watch your favorite show, or see the latest current events, where do you go? You more than likely turn on your television, radio, or computer. The source that the majority of the general public uses to get their news and information from is considered mass media.

Mass media means technology that is intended to reach a mass audience. It is the primary means of communication used to reach the vast majority of the general public. The most common platforms for mass media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. The general public typically relies on the mass media to provide information regarding political issues, social issues, entertainment, and news in pop culture.

The mass media has evolved significantly over time. Have you ever wondered how the latest news and information was communicated in the past? Well, before there was the Internet, television, or the radio, there was the newspaper. The newspaper was the original platform for mass media. For a long period of time, the public relied on writers and journalists for the local newspapers to provide them with the latest news in current events.

Centuries later, in the 1890s, came the invention of the radio. The radio would soon supersede the newspaper as the most pertinent source for mass media. Families would gather around the radio and listen to their favorite radio station programs to hear the latest news regarding politics, social issues, and entertainment.

Mass media is communication—whether written, broadcast, or spoken—that reaches a large audience. This includes television, radio, advertising, movies, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and so forth.

Mass media is a significant force in modern culture, particularly in America. Sociologists refer to this as a mediated culture where media reflects and creates the culture. Communities and individuals are bombarded constantly with messages from a multitude of sources including TV, billboards, and magazines, to name a few. These messages promote not only products, but moods, attitudes, and a sense of what is and is not important. Mass media makes possible the concept of celebrity: without the ability of movies, magazines, and news media to reach across thousands of miles, people could not become famous. In fact, only political and business leaders, as well as the few notorious outlaws, were famous in the past. Only in recent times have actors, singers, and other social elites become celebrities or “stars.”

The current level of media saturation has not always existed. As recently as the 1960s and 1970s, television, for example, consisted of primarily three networks, public broadcasting, and a few local independent stations. These channels aimed their programming primarily at two‐parent, middle‐class families. Even so, some middle‐class households did not even own a television. Today, one can find a television in the poorest of homes, and multiple TVs in most middle‐class homes. Not only has availability increased, but programming is increasingly diverse with shows aimed to please all ages, incomes, backgrounds, and attitudes. This widespread availability and exposure makes television the primary focus of most mass‐media discussions. More recently, the Internet has increased its role exponentially as more businesses and households “sign on.” Although TV and the Internet have dominated the mass media, movies and magazines—particularly those lining the aisles at grocery checkout stands—also play a powerful role in culture, as do other forms of media.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Travel while you work

The moment we hear the word ‘media’, the picture that pops up in our mind is either of a reporter with a mic or a news anchor reading news at studio but media is a lot more than this. 

Travelling is a part of that lot more. Do you remember going to your maternal grandma’s home during school vacations and the excitement you felt inside your tummy for it every time? Have you explored Goa alone while your friends are still making and cancelling plans for Goa trips? Do you feel goose bumps as and when you hear the word ‘Travelling’? Then media is the place for you. Yes, you can be a traveller. Not everyone can go and explore all the places because of various issues like financial, companion, leaves from work and hence they love watching travel shows on television or reading about them in newspaper supplements or magazines and who does the actual travelling for them is a ‘traveller’. Earlier travel shows were just a part of channels like Discovery, Net Geo etc. but today they have become an important part of almost each and every news channel. It has also become a part of media education. A traveller is also a reporter just the one with a different and wider scope. There are a number of media institutes offering degree courses in media so you don’t have to get a degree and professional training separately. All you have to do is choosing the best media institute and get yourself trained. Remember, training is as essential as your will to do this job. You might understand very basic things without training but to know every major and minor and to become a professional traveller you need to get yourself trained. So start looking for the best options available for you.

Meanwhile, here are few points that you should start working on, to develop yourself as a wise and professional traveller:

1. Keep a hawk eye: Wherever you are going, you should observe each and every minute detail that can be new for others. Nothing should escape your eyes.

2. Make notes: Keep a diary and pen handy so you can note whatever you find interesting and important at a place you visit. Learn to summarize detail in short phrases so you don’t have to spend much of the time with your diary.

 3.  Camera: Get yourself some technical knowledge about Camera so you can act as your own camera person. Be self sufficient. Taking a camera person along would not be a good option especially if you are working for print.

4. Writing: Whatever you see, no one can write it better than you even if you explain each and everything to another person. Even companies prefer Self Sufficient employees.

So, start packing your bag!!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Mass Communication

In modern world, amid a lot of career options, Mass Communication has emerged as an important and most sought field. Media is not just influencing the decision making of normal citizens  about various issues, it has also left a major impact on the students looking for their career option after passing senior secondary exams.

While looking for media courses, students generally gets confused with different names of courses like Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication and so on. But there is nothing to get confused. While journalism only talks about the print media, electronic media and web media, Mass Communication bears a lot of things in itself along with different types of media. Courses in the disciple of Mass Communication offers a complete training package of Media, Advertising, Public Relations as well as Film Productions as these all are interlinked one way or another. You may also check out syllabus of various Universities/before applying for admission to ensure that they teach what you want to learn.

There are a lot of Mass Communication colleges all around our country but the major ones are in Delhi as Delhi is considered to be the media hub. Major headquarters of every media house are located in Delhi-NCR. One additional advantage that the media students of Delhi get is that they can visit these organizations with the help of their college interference and know how media professionals actually work.  Your place of study i.e. your college plays major role in the shaping of your career. 

So, do not rush yourself to follow the rate race and try to get admission in any big college. What matters in the media education is not the size but the quality.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Do you want to be a writer?

How useful it is in media to be a good writer?

‘Words are stronger than weapons’, you all must have heard this and those who aspire to be writers know what it means better than anyone else. The world of words is the most diverse world. Why? Because it is never the same. There are a lot of things already written and to be written. You read something else, you use different words to speak and you chose different words to write the same thing. Juggling words is the most interesting thing if you love words. Especially, if you want to build a career in media, this is the basic and most important thing that you should learn.  First step is choose the best mass communication and journalism college that gives the perfect training for writing and below are some helpful points for your personal growth:

1.     Read: To learn writing, reading is the first exercise. Read as much as you can. You can only grow if you feed yourself. Reading is feeding for writers. More knowledge you will have, more you will get the content for writing.

2.     Strong Vocabulary: Wherever you read a new word, Google it or use dictionary but don’t stop until you find its meaning. If you have ideas but not strong or convincing words to present them, your ideas will go in vain. More words give you more freedom of expression.

3.     Grammar: Whatever your language is, you should be proficient in its grammar. You should know how to make sentences that too correctly so you can give your writers something good and useful.  

4.     Simple but classy: Write as simple as you can but at the same time it should be classy. It should leave an impression on reader that the writer has the absolute knowledge about the topic/subject he is writing.

5.     Speak: Try to speak your language of writing as much as you can. When you speak, you analyse the deficiency of words and errors in your sentences and thus when you work to fulfil that deficiency or improve that error, you learn something new.

Just like things you learn, benefits you forever, be it basic things like walking, eating or speaking, the best things you write also stay forever in the reader’s hearts.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Media- A single word but multiple choices

Do you possess the 3Cs quality in you then you have the quality to enter into the world of media. You must be thinking what 3Cs quality is?  It's nothing new but the words that you heard many times- Confidence, Creativity, and Compassion.

Even if you do not possess these qualities,  you can develop them by taking training at a good media college like IAAN School of Mass Communication. 

Confidence is obviously a must quality for any person who wants to fulfil his dreams. Not just you need to be confident if you want to build your career in media but you require it every field of work as well as normal everyday life. Creativity is the most important thing that anyone who comes inside the fraternity of media must have. Be it photography, video editing, news programming etc. You name it and you would discover the tinge of creativity in it. Let's talk about compassion now, some people see it as a sign of weakness but it can be your strength if you can really adopt it in your everyday behaviour. If you can empathise whatever is happening around the world, you would be able to present it in a better way. There are a lot of sections inside media where you can work if you possess these qualities. The course training curriculum of IAAN School of Mass Communication focuses on developing all these basic qualities and other required skills, in students. Below are a few exciting and interesting domains of work in the field of media and mass communication:

1.Reporter: Any person who has the hunger of information can choose this profile. If you think you can dig out the information that can be new for the rest of the world and present it in a creative way, this is the right profile for you. All the news channels, news papers, magazines, web portals need reporters and these can be no shortage of employment opportunities. 

2. News Anchor: Do you love to be the star of the place wherever you go? Do you like to look good always? Then, this is the job profile for you. All you have to do along with is compile the news that reporters bring for you and present them for the viewers. Take training at any media institute and you are good to go.

3. Content Writer:  Is pen your real love or your fingers keep on moving swiftly on keyboard? Do you like to play with words then this is the right career option for you. Every media or non-media organisation, whatever is its kind, requires content writers.

4. Advertising: Do you have the ability of pursuing people easily? This is what you have to do in advertising. Get the ideas that can affect the minds of customers positively, build a good reputation of your brand among public and thus, increase the sale of your product.

5. Celebrity Management: Not just products need the branding in today's time. Bollywood stars, Sports persons etc, all prominent personalities need people to build their good repo among public and maintain a good relationship with other important people and organisations. So, if you work hard a little, who knows you will be working for a star you admire watching on big screens.

You can be one of them if you do a little hard work and get a better training to groom your professional skills.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Machines and Mass Communication

Do you like operating machines but not the boring ones? Do you like colors not on brush but on machine? Then, Mass Communication is the best career option for you. Yes, you read it right. You can make a career in media, mass communication or journalism and that too, a really interesting and promising one. Below are 3 most interesting work profiles in media for those who love machines. Read for yourself:

1. Photography: Everyday, there are a lot of events happening around us starting from anything to everything. Whatever the subject is, literature, social, science, environment, wedding and what not. With the increasing events there is an increased need of photographers. A perfect combination of technical knowledge that you can learn at a good *Mass Communication Institute* and creativity can develop you into a brilliant photographer.

2. Photo Editors: You love to play with colors but not the messy ones that colors your hands but the one that color your souls finding their way through photo editing softwares. It is an important part of media. A lot of times, photographers cannot capture pictures as per the actual demands due to various issues like lighting, non-availability of props etc. At that point of time work of Photo Editors start. You can change the world the way you want.

3. Video Editing: If you have the strong power of seeing the end product clearly in your mind before it starts then you are perfect for this job. It's like a higher level of puzzle quiz. You get the pieces, you got to arrange them. Media courses in *Best Media colleges in Delhi* has video editing in their practical curriculum.

In today's era of increasing demands for media and mass communication courses, there are a few good institutes that imparts really good training. Don't miss the chance. Enroll yourself today.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Mushrooming Growth of Mass Communication Institutes in Delhi

Advertising is everywhere. It has become our dominant creative industry. Advertising has been defined as the most powerful, persuasive, and manipulative tool that firms have to control consumers all over the world. It is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. Its impacts created on the society throughout the years has been amazing, especially in this technology age. Nowadays, many companies are using advertisement to attract customers and it plays an important role during product or services life stages. It is very difficult for a company to promote their new product or services if they do the promotion without a proper advertisement. There are so many Media colleges and Institutes available in Delhi offering Journalism and Advertising courses.

IAAN School of Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the best media college conducting many media courses related to advertising and media.

Advertising offers a promising career as the requirement is Ads is everywhere. Companies can choose different media of advertisement, such as through advertising in newspaper, magazine, online, television and so on.   In the modern advertising strategies, various appeal such as sexual, shock, emotional, fear and humors are included. These appeals tend to raise high brand awareness and brand recognition among a large audience.

Do you know about celebrity endorsement? is a form of advertising campaign or marketing strategy used by brandscompanies, or a non-profit organization which involves celebrities or a well-known person using their social status or their fame to help promote a product, service or even raise awareness on environmental or social matters. The reason for using celebrities as endorsers is due to their huge potential influence. Compared to other endorser types, famous people achieve a higher degree of attention and recall. They increase awareness of a company's advertising, create positive feelings towards brands and are perceived by consumers as more entertaining. Besides, using a celebrity in advertising is more likely to positively affect consumers' brand attitudes and purchase intention.

A good advertisement attracts large no. of customers which ultimately improves sales of that particular sale or service. Commercials that appeal to people’s optimism make consumers far more likely to fall in love with the brand.


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Social Media: The emerging wing of mainstream media

This is a proven fact that media industry plays a vital role in almost every sector related to the development of a country. Not only for journalists but it has also become a medium of communication for all the citizens of country with its new wing called social media. You are reading this article just because you are active on social media. Apart from this, one can use social media for putting forward their opinion about any and every issue prevailing across their nation or the whole world, one can use their social media handle for sharing feedback for various kinds of products and services available online and offline or one can also share your creative writings to build your identity while spending almost negligible amount of money.

Everyone is so well aware about the use of social media but are you aware about the thing that social media has grown up as a complete industry in its own and is providing jobs to many people. There are a lot of job profiles related to social media like content writing, online marketing, graphic designing and many more. Yes, you are already doing some of these things while managing your personal social media handles but have you ever thought of taking it up as a career option? If you have then you might have pondered over the institutes where you can get proper training for this work. No worry, there are a lot of Mass Communication institutes in Delhi itself that are offering best Post Graduate and Undergraduate courses in Mass Communication in Delhi. Now, don’t get confused between Mass Communication and Social Media. Social media is a part of Mass Communication along with other wings of media and keeping in view the rapid growth in the opportunities related to social media, best media colleges has started adding the subject of social media in their training curriculum in which they teach ethics of working culture for social media.

One of the best media college that has updated this latest trend of technology as a subject in its practical curriculum is IAAN School of Mass Communication located in South Delhi. This college is an affiliated study center of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication and offers Undergraduate/ Postgraduate degree as well as 1 year UG/PG diploma programs in Mass Communication and Journalism for limited seats only. The season of admission has started. Don’t miss the chance. Hurry and grab your seat today.

-Arshi Ansari

Friday, 6 April 2018

Do you know the power of your mind?

You feed it with faith and then it feeds you with the same thought which plays role and reflection in your deeds. I think it's time that we give efforts in developing our character as an individual. Every human being is authentic in his own life but we are ignorant to few things. 

That nice outfit you bought and that makeup you wear is going to get off as the day ends. Your happiness attached to it is temporary. Those who fall 7 times and get up 8 times are always the people who know to build success. They know when and where to apply courage, have strength and listen to deep conscious  Passion is just a word until you start feeling it. So take a deep breath and test your skills and interest. Go for the best possible way of your life to fulfil your wishes. 

Stop living for the peer group and start living for yourself. Stop wearing makeup because you might get judged for your skin. Heart and conscious are more influencing than pretty looks. Anyone can be eye candy but only a few know to be soul food. 

Desire more for what you desire and yet respect the desires of your closed ones. Peace comes with people in room being happy, which in turn makes you happy. 

So get your father a new watch or wallet, cook a meal for your mother instead of the other way round, and feel the true love; the happiness and the new positive thoughts; the right message to your consciousness.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Five books to look forward to in February 2018!!!

After an exciting start to the New Year with releases of over 30 books across genres in January, the upcoming month is once again dotted with several interesting titles that may catch the attention of many literature lovers across the nation. Narrowing down a list from dozens of books releasing in February, recommendations for the month, dominated largely by fiction and accompanied by a memoir and a commentary on Pakistan, is both subtle and appealing at the same time.

Here are the five books that we cannot wait to read this February:

1. A Century is Not Enough, by Sourav Ganguly

A sporting classic and a manual for living Sourav Ganguly's life has been full of highs and lows. Arguably among India's greatest cricket captains, he gave confidence to the team, re-energised it and took India, for the first time, to spectacular overseas victories. But Ganguly's story also came with great challenges -- from his early days when he had to wait four long years before being included in the team to the ugly battle with coach Greg Chappell. He fought his way out of every corner and climbed back up from every defeat, becoming India's ultimate comeback king.

What does it take to perform when the pressure is sky-high? How do you fight back and win? How do you  make a name for yourself when you are young and have started the journey which is closest to your heart? As Sourav takes you through his life, he looks at how to overcome challenges and come out a winner. Time and time again.

2. Do We Not Bleed? Reflections of a 21st-Century Pakistani, by Mehr Tarar

This is a passionate, illuminating book about contemporary Pakistan. Comprising original profiles of diverse Pakistanis - some of whom are internationally feted and many others who are relatively unknown -- as well as essays that examine the major fault lines in Pakistani society, the book offers the reader an insider's perspective on the state of affairs in the country today.

The book is divided into five thematic sections, each corresponding to a subject that the author feels strongly about. 'Religious Persecution and Other Discontents' delves into the killings and oppression generated by religious discord that are now a routine feature of life in Pakistan. 'The Pakistan You Do Not Know' shows us little known aspects of everyday life in Pakistan. And the other three sections of the book too focus on similar aspects and bring many unknown facets to the fore.

3. Karmachari: Short Stories About Ordinary People, by Vasant Purushottam Kale and Vikrant Pande

You who stand in a queue, who try to board a running local, who tolerate your boss's snide remarks and the trials and tribulations of marital life -- you still manage to discuss politics with enthusiasm, to finish a game of cards, to laugh and to make others laugh... You are a true karmachari.

A collection of unforgettable short stories about ordinary people, Karmachari is a mirror held up to society. Set in suburban Mumbai of the 1970s, yet universal, it is peopled by characters we might meet in real life. They come alive under V.P. Kale's sharp but compassionate gaze, and prod us gently towards a world of greater kindness and understanding.

4. On The Road To Tarascon, by Arnab Nandy

A lover's note among a senile woman's possessions sets off a chain of events that could  lead to the discovery of a Van Gogh masterpiece -- one of the most important paintings to have been lost in World War II. When travel writer Neil Bose falls for Eva Schicktanz, he does not know  he is getting involved with much more than a dimpled girl in nerd glasses. Neil and Eva must stay ahead of unknown pursuers after a common goal, and follow an unusual trail charted in 1945. But after so many years, does the trail even exist? A quest spanning continents and seven decades, this edge-of-the-seat thriller keeps you hooked till the last page.

5. A Murder on Malabar Hill, by Sujata Massey

Sujata Massey is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed mystery writer best known for her Rei Shimura series. Set in the multicultural mix of 1920s' Bombay, "A Murder on Malabar Hill" expertly combines the delights of Agatha Christie with the period charm of Downton Abbey. Intrepid and intelligent, young Perveen Mistry joins her father's prestigious law firm to become one of India's first female lawyers. Her tumultuous past also makes her especially devoted to championing and protecting women's rights.

When Mistry Law is appointed to execute the will of Omar Farid, a wealthy mill owner, Perveen's suspicions are aroused by a curious provision which could disinherit Farid's three widows and leave them vulnerable. Are the Farid widows -- who live in strict seclusion, never leaving the women's quarters or speaking to men -- being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous guardian? Perveen decides to investigate, but when tensions escalate to murder, it becomes clear that her own life is in mortal peril and she will need to use everything in her power to outwit a dangerous criminal.

We hope that you like the list and will surely like all those books  too, go and read then. Stay tuned to IAAN Blog for more such updates.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Do you know how the Event Marketing is changing eventually?

Event marketing is in existence since a very long time. Time to time it has been changed on different parameters. Earlier people were using several public places to organize any event but they didn’t use to play any advertisement to aware people about the particular event program. In the comparison of early days, now people are more techno friendly and internet addicted so they use these things before organizing any such events.

Let’s have a look at the changing trends of Event marketing in several past years:

We cannot deny this fact that there are so many things happening in the field of event marketing in past few years. Most of the changes are made on the basis of technological trends. Other changes are made on the basis of people expectations and past experiences. These days, there are so many latest key trends which are getting attention from the common people. Here are some of the changing trends in Event marketing:-

Focusing more on the live experience

These days, people are more focusing on the live experiences than focusing on the after-effects. Event marketing efforts are sincerely following these trends closely. One can easily experience this change in any advertising campaign of event marketings. Event marketers who have a vision of connecting targeted audiences can easily go with this new trend. Rather than showing up different events it is best to let them experiencing it by being a part of the individual event.

Focusing on more power packed engagement

Now a day, event marketing is no longer only a matter of creating sales pitch opportunities. It’s about connecting with different people to getting brand recognition. People who will once get attached to the particular brand will definitely buy or get connect with the product and this thing may get continued in a healthy way. In past few years, people who are indulged in event marketing are more likely to seek the attention of people by engaging mall activity and other events to build more customers.

Hence, these are the two important changing trends of event marketing these days which is successfully executed by different event marketers.

Monday, 29 January 2018

In next 10 years short-content will be the prime future of Media!

We have been consuming content and news for a very long time. For news, the journey dates back to newspapers, which used the visual senses, followed by radio, which relied on audio. Television, which converged the experience of viewing and hearing, followed.

The next wave of change took place with the emergence of the Internet, which completely disrupted the content ecosystem by enabling access to all forms of content on one platform. And today, we have smartphones that have crossed boundaries of communication and have opened access to all forms of content 24x7.

With 300 million smartphone users, mobile as a multimedia platform has already outnumbered TV and print in terms of reach. And in the next 10 years, we will see the number of phones with multimedia-content capabilities grow tremendously. This will usher in a new era of content creation and distribution, even monetization.

This has already started changing the scenario for conventional media, or content outlets, and we’re increasingly seeing newspapers, TV channels and even radio stations vying for a presence on smartphones. At the same time, a long tail of content creators is taking birth at a phenomenal pace, and it will have significant impact on the ecosystem, including the working style of large and traditional media players.

This changing landscape will also redefine what we mean by news. The explosion of content from across the world, and across media, will rapidly blur the line between what constitutes news and what does not. And one of the most notable changes, will be the different formats that will evolve for the distribution and consumption of content and news.

We all know that the attention span of people is decreasing continuously. So, the dynamics of content consumption too are going to change. Short-form content, easily consumable within a few seconds, will probably emerge as the biggest driver of consumption of content on mobile, something that never happened in the world of newspapers, radio or TV.

We can already see ample evidence of this in the mobile world. Starting from short 1- or 2-minute videos to 140-character tweets to memes to GIFs to 60-word news, short-form content has already started evolving, even dominating, the content space. What we have seen is just the beginning of a vibrant short-form content ecosystem that is expected to redefine the media and content industry.

One cannot predict the future, but it is certain that short-form content that is visual, easily consumable and shareable will rule the roost.

3 Media Trends That Are Changing the Way We Consume Video Content

As a prominent & one of the leading media institution of the country it’s essential for IAAN to keep up with the trends that are constantly evolving within Media industry. While innovations and equipment upgrades are always around the corner, keeping up with the rapid growth of technology has actually been the easy part. What IAAN has found more interesting is keeping up with how people consume video content. Recent trends have led to an explosion in video marketing, mobile advertising and social media. This increased consumption of video content has become part of the media world.

Here are three of the biggest trends that we’ve seen recently that are shifting the way we watch content, and in turn, shaping the video production industry.

Streaming Television Services

One trend that has indirectly affected the industry is how we view entertainment. Live TV & Online streaming services such as Netflix, Apple TV, Hotstar, Jio TV, Airtel TV, Amazon Prime TV etc have changed the way we watch television. By charging a monthly fee, these services are able to offer commercial-free content to their subscribers. Also becoming a household staple are DVRs, which give viewers the power to fast-forward through commercials. More than ever, viewers are watching TV whenever and however they want.

The trend towards commercial-free TV viewing has forced advertisers and marketers to look for other ways to reach viewers they are not reaching from television ads. Here’s where the video industry is affected: Clients are coming to up with the need for video content that can be viewed online and reach the people that are not watching traditional television anymore. Businesses are finding the value in producing online videos for marketing purposes, which in turn has shaped the industry in a great way.

This trend has affected both parties positively by giving way to some great content and new types of content. Producing commercials for broadcast has certain restrictions that producing videos for the web avoids. Web videos can be as long or short as you wish, leaving you with as much time as you need to tell your brand’s story. Also, with TV you are pressured to create a video that is an advertisement. With online content, it encourage the clients to focus less on making sales and more on building their brand and bringing awareness to who they are and what they do. With the absence of storytelling restrictions, it able   to pitch unique and creative concepts, resulting in better brand content.

Mobile Devices

In addition to creating branded content for the web, companies are turning to another form of video advertising to adapt to the way consumers view content. As of 2017, users spend more time engaged with mobile screens than with desktops. Mobile video advertising is growing faster than other forms of digital advertising, and businesses are recognizing the value of targeting mobile users.

This trend has even led to the creation of an entirely new style of shot: Vertical video. With video being viewed so prevalently on mobile devices, advertisers are adapting by creating videos with a vertical perspective to complement the way we hold our smartphones and tablets. More and more brands are producing advertisements with a vertical perspective to cater specifically to mobile users.

Social Media

Not only are people watching video on their smartphones, but they are also making it themselves. Social media apps such as Snapchat, Vine and Facebook’s live video option have given amateurs a simple, inexpensive method to create and share video. Brands are also taking advantage of the popularity of social media.

These days, video seems to be everywhere. But trends such as smartphones, social media and streaming services have all contributed to changes in how we view content, which in turn has influenced the video production industry.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How Media today is effecting the social scenarios, changing its traditional aspects!

The media today has become a two way mode of communication. Gone are the days when a newsreader would merely read out from the teleprompter, give the main headlines and leave! Today, trends like Citizen Journalism have entered the public sphere.

THE MEDIA has over the years undergone a series of changes. From just informing and spreading awareness, the media has adopted various tools and techniques that have contributed towards bringing a positive change in society. From sting operations to phone tapping, investigative journalism is perhaps the first step taken by the media in the direction of breaking free from old and traditional journalistic values.

The Nira Radia controversy was one of the biggest scams that shook the media world. The tapes were made open for public view for the first time by a leading magazine. The tapes revealed some shocking instances of the media world. Involving some of the biggest names in the media and corporate world, Radia was accused of lobbying with big industrialists.

Another milestone achieved by the media was the revelation of the Commonwealth Games scam. In a shocking revelation by an English daily, it was revealed that the CWG budgetsheet stated that major instruments were bought after paying hefty amounts to international companies but in reality those machines were bought from a small firm in Ghaziabad.

The media has also played a significant role in speedy trials of numerous cases, one of them being the Jessica Lal murder case. Inspite of the influence of major power holders and big politicians, the case was transferred to fast track court and the murderers of Jessica were put behind the bars, all as a result of a major uprising and mass awareness generated by the media itself.

The Aarushi murder case is a recent example, highlighting the role of media. The case got the whole nation glued to their TV screens, watching in anticipation all the drama unfold. Since the beginning of the case the media has kept a strict vigil on the proceedings of the case. From registering the case to the court’s judgement and the filing of the closure report the media got every bit of news related to the case. Constant follow ups and discussion with a panel of crime experts have been some of the efforts made by the media to nail the accused.

Today, trends like Citizen Journalism have entered the public sphere. It gives the public and the masses the opportunity to publicise their views, opinions, thoughts and beliefs. It has made news broadcasting interactive and participative. Various news channels have started chat shows, debates and discussions that give the common man an insight into the working of media channels and also give them a chance to explore their abilities and powers.

While there have been many positive aspects of the media and its working practices, it has certain negatives too. Sensationalism and exaggeration have become a part and parcel of news broadcast. Various issues that have very little or rather, no importance are classified as breaking news and shown at prime time slot. Be it the Shahrukh- Salman fiasco, or Deepika-Ranbir romance or Kareena’s size zero phenomena, the media can’t get enough of Bollywood celebrities.

Astrology is another issue the media is ‘obsessed’ with. Today, almost every news channel has its own gurujis and mahatamas who give their suggestions on every topic and issue ranging from bad hair days to tackling of one’s regular day-to-day expenses. Raashi phal and upcoming eclipses are another topic of conversation. These discussions are accompanied by ear-deafening music and dramatic visuals that add to the drama and excitement of the show. Needless to say, people actually believe such information without using their own sense of judgement and religiously follow such shows.

Such attempts by the media raise questions on media’s credibility and bring down its hard earned reputation. One begins to doubt the authenticity of the particular media organisation, pointing a finger towards the journalist’s creativity.

News channels today function on the same lines. What is news on one channel is quickly copied and followed up by another rival channel in order to grasp greater target rating points (TRPs). Therefore, there needs to be a string of self regulated institutions that review and watch over the content before being published from time to time. Also a different time slot should be awarded to soft news, keeping the prime time slot vacant for important news items like politics, current affairs and international issues. Also various programmes should be started focusing on scientific and technological developments across the world.

Whatever goes but its definite that Media today has started effecting the social scenarios alot, changing its traditional aspects! Its interesting to watch its future in coming days changing more trends of it, we will keep updating. Stay tuned!